Tuesday, June 29, 2010

MaggiKnits Workshop Day 2

Another great day with Maggie Jackson.  I think my hands were tired on this 2nd day of nonstop knitting, because I was pokey!  I kept getting behind so Maggie just laughed at me and would take my knitting out of my hands to catch me up.  I told her I was going to post this pic and she said, "Oh no.  Now people are going to think they can come to a MaggiKnits workshop and I'll do their knitting for them!"  LOL!  She is so much fun and I promise--she doesn't knit for everybody.

We learned how to add embellishments, like a tube-bow and a scrap bow:

Then we learned how to make a 2-color picot with a rag embellishment:

Now at this point, I love my colors and while I don't really see myself using the bows, it was good to learn how to do them.  From here on out, I wasn't crazy about my color choices, but again, I really liked learning the techniques--I'll just have to figure out how to incorporate them into my own style as I knit.  The next skills were learning how to do a twisted split and a frill tube: 

I'm so glad I chose to attend both days of the workshop, because I got a lot out of them and I truly enjoyed meeting Maggie.  She's an amazingly charismatic person and her stories are absolutely fabulous!

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