Thursday, June 24, 2010

Happy Happy Joy Joy!

(My phone doesn't take the best pics, but hey, I needed to show off my happy face!)

Yea!!!!  It's finally finished.  I decided that no matter how beautiful the day, I was going to finish my Razor Cami and I did!  Here's the final result:

I added a bit of Maggi's Rag by MaggiKnits around the bustline and threw a few beads on the ends.  I like that it gives it just a little somethin' to make it different.

I'm super excited because I went to Needle on a Haystack to force myself to complete this project.  I discovered that Maggie Jackson of MaggiKnits is going to be there this weekend doing a fashion show and workshops, so of course I signed up for an all-day workshop.  I can't wait to learn some fun new techniques and maybe meet a few fun folks!

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