Friday, August 6, 2010

Blue House Birthday

I think I may have had the best birthday ever this week!  Wednesday was a great day filled with all kinds of love from friends and family.  Going to the Blue House on Tuesday with my good friend Megan (Calla's mom) made it even better.  Blue House is this great art studio in Ann Arbor.  We drove over in the morning and met with Libby who taught us how to make a paper collage pendant.  It was so nice to spend the day with Megan.  She is a great friend and excellent listener.  Thank you, Megan, for letting me go on and on about new things in my life.  ;-)  Here's the pendant I created.

So, this may be ridiculously creepy, but there is an awesome antique/junk store called Sunset Junque here in South Haven.  I feel the need to go through this gigantic place every now and then scouting for treasure.  Uh . . . I found one.  Check out this awesome antique head.  She's perfect for modeling my hats for me and, yes, she is kinda creepy, but really cool all the same!  She needs a name.  Post a comment with a name for her and your name may be just the right one.  If so, I'll send you something cool.

I made this hat awhile back.  It's a slouchy hat with a picot edge.  I used Debbie Bliss Cashmerino, so it's a cashmere/wool blend that is super soft.  It was a really fast pattern, so it was a nice project to slip in between some of the bigger things I'm working on.  


  1. I am in love with your pendant - soooooo cute Wendy!

  2. Wendizzle! Love the pendant! oh but lets talk about that head! That is awesome! And what a good hat model! I canNOT wait to see it in real life. Can I brush her hair?

  3. Of course. I left her hair alone just for you. Shannon stopped by the other day and said it was super creepy. IDK. I kinda like it. ;-)