Saturday, May 1, 2010

Managing Pesky Birthdays

I am notoriously late for birthdays and just plain forget them constantly.  I've succumbed to the realization that I will never be good at it.  However, it never hurts to try.  This is my attempt.  I started this book about 5 years ago, set it aside, and decided today that I should get back to it.  This is my start.  I still have 5 months to go (Mar, Set, Oct, Nov, & Dec).  I am determined to finish them tomorrow.

The left side of the page is where I can list names & dates.  The right side of the page is a pocket designed to hold those cards I've worked had to create throughout the year.  ;-)


  1. That is such a good idea! Super cute too!

  2. Finished March yesterday, but got busy grading papers, so I didn't finish, like I wanted. I REALLY need to take a good photography class. It looks SOOOOO much better in person. Oh well. It's really just for me, anyway. ;-)