Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Nautilus Hat: Wendified

My camera broke awhile back and my phone kinda sucks for pictures (I'm sorry Steve Jobs, but it's true).  So my friends Megan & Jared met me in Saugatuck and we took a bunch o' pics.  We had a great time!  Here is the 1st project from the batch:

The Nautilus Hat--Wendified 
(like modified, get it?)

I made this hat TWO summers ago!  I made it on a trip to California during the summer.  I was sweatily knitting away in the car outside the post office when this tough guy drove in on a big ole' motorcycle.  "Isn't it too hot ta' be workin' with wool?" he asked.  It's never too hot for wool.  The hat was just too big.  I loved it (especially since it was the 1st hat I'd made), but wanted to get real use out of it instead of its current job: blindfold.  This past fall I took it to a chili cook-off in Baldwin and added the black around the bottom and the flower.  It has become one of my favorite hats, now.  

(BTW-please ignore the orange scarf, I forgot I had it on.)

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