Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Love Combining Crafts

Embroidery has been my "new" craft of the summer.  I started to embroider tags to add to my knitting projects and today I decided I should embroider a card for my Australian niece who is turning 19 next month.  The thing I love about these cards is that I can be as creative as I want to be and they look so complex, but it really isn't that difficult!

 I started by sketching out a quick design, then I did a little revising.  Doing my best, I copied my idea onto a piece of card stock and threaded the needle!  
I made 2 Eight Petal Daisies using the Detached Chain stitch and a Bullion Loop in the center of each flower.
I made the stems using a Back Stitch, the leaves using a Seed Stitch, and the embellishment with simple French Knots.

I put the card together using scrapbooking eyelets and then used some of those Pop Dots to affix the embroidered piece to the card.  The Pop Dots are great because they leave a bit of space between the 2 pieces so all of my back thread doesn't make it appear wrinkly.

Happy Birthday, Miss Emma!

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